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Blonde hookups are more fun

Do blondes have more fun? It seems in the Adult sex industry that being a blonde does seem to mean more bookings more punters and blondes do have more fun especially if you are a blonde hookup.

A recent report that was commissioned and carried out for a leading hookup agency reported that they had more requests for blonde hookups that any other hookups. If you're a brunette hookup you could be missing out on a small fortune just by the colour of your hair, you're missing a trick here no pun intended and could be simply losing money. The easiest and more comprehensively solution would be to become a blond hookup yourself and join the other girls are finding that blonde hookups are raking it in. The first steps to becoming a blond hookup.

First find a suitable hair dye to change your hair colour, just by walking down the supermarket aisle and you will see that they offer hundreds of hair products to choose from. A little tip here don't waste your time looking for the blonde hookup's dye it does not exist.

If you don't feel comfortable in dying your own hair then make an appointment at your local hair dressers and tell them you want to change your hair colour. Hairdressers love to gossip and have a story for every occasion so when they asking you're why the sudden change in hair colour don't start telling them your life story. You don't want the whole world knowing that you are an hookup and want to join the blonde hookups brigade.

People just don't know what it's like being an hookup and seem to draw the wrong conclusion. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an hookup people take a different view. Just imaging if you were to tell your hairdresser that you wanted to be on the books of blonde hookups and she had just left her husband as she found out he has been paying money to book blonde hookups while she was at work. You might just end up coming out the hairdressers with orange hair. There wouldn't be many agencies looking for girls with orange hair. What's the worst thing that could happen when you have changer the colour of your hair? Nothing really except if when you got back to work as a blonde hookup and every punter rang up and asked for an hookup with brown hair, not worth contemplating really.