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The hookup Story

She glanced over at the clock on the mantle place; she had an hour and a half to get ready, she stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray and headed for the shower. Sylvie not her real name but the person she was tonight, the person she was every time she had a job on. She leaned into the shower and turned it on to let it run for a while the steam began to fill the room and cling to the bathroom mirror until it had completely covered her reflection, funny she thought to herself that's kind of how she felt as she would get ready for a client like she covered herself in a fog and became someone else someone who didn't really exist, but she enjoyed it loved it in fact it gave her a sense of power and control that she never experienced in her ordinary life. She stepped into the shower the warm tepid water running over her olive toned skin, washing away the ordinary in her and transforming her into the cool calm seductress who would make heads turn as she glided through any room. She pulled her ebony black hair over her shoulder and let the water wash over her perfectly formed body, the water ran down her back, she closed her eyes as she embraced the feeling of the water caressing her, the waterfall of warm water relaxing every muscle in her body. Leaving the shower she entered her bedroom, her expensive designer outfit, stockings and underwear laid out on her bed, everything about getting dressed for a work date very much a routine but enjoyable all the same. She takes the cocoa butter cream from the dressing table and slowly massages the sweet smelling ointment into her skin, with each stroke her body illuminated making her skin glisten in the bedroom light. Reaching for the dark red satin lingerie she had picked out earlier as she put it on she glanced at herself in the mirror the crimson underwear contrasting against the dark tones of her skin. She pulls on the soft silk lace top stockings running her hands over the fabric as she pulls them up to the top of her thigh. After she pulls on the fitted red dress running her hands over the outfit she looks at herself in the mirror, she didn't have to do much with her hair she was blessed with beautiful natural waves that as it dried curled perfectly framing her face, she was often complimented for having natural beauty and she like to look natural, covering herself in hoards of makeup drew the wrong kind of attention she preferred hearing gasps from passer-by's because of what god gave her. She ran a small amount of gloss over her lips. She looked as always like she had just stepped out of the latest edition of vogue, classically beautiful nothing over the top which made her all the more breathtaking. She took note of the time, she had 10 minutes to spare she liked to be there right on time, she would meet the client in his room to exchange the money she preferred to do it in private and at the beginning of the night, it was so much more uncomfortable after an enjoyable evening to stand with your hand held out waiting to be paid, and she felt degraded and guessed the client felt bad about it also, no money up front that way you could enjoy the evening with no awkwardness of what might happen at the end of the evening. Sylvie collected up her purse and after spritzing herself with a little perfume left to go meet her client.

She entered the hotel, beautiful and stunning, a large chandelier dominated the middle of the foyer, you could tell this place was top end of the hotel world with its decadent feel and you only had to take time to look round at the other clientele, high powered professionals preparing to meet for business lunches. She had instructed the client to be holding a white lily in the foyer so she could recognise him, she had done this from day one she felt a rose or a carnation was too much of a cliché whereas a guy having a lily seemed more plausible that they know one another and that is her favourite flower. She spots him waiting by the stairwell he smiles eyes full of excitement as she walks towards him with confidence and totally emitting sex appeal a few men and women in the reception follow her with their gaze as she walks towards him only releasing her from their sights only to get a quick look of the lucky guy who would be spending the evening with her, their eyes full of envy. She greets the client with a hug, a friendly embraced always relaxed them and for onlookers made them look more like old friends than anything else, she thanks him for the beautiful lily and the walk towards to the lift. He seems nervous a little shy at first, fumbling his way through some chit chat she takes his arm and encircles her round his and walks with him to the room he instantly relaxes. He passes her the money blushing slightly obviously a first timer she takes it checks it and then puts it in her purse. ' Shall we' she says beaming as she holds out his arm, he smiles and also likes the fact that she is totally in control and so self assured in an odd way it relaxes him. They walk to the restaurant, as they enter the maitre de directs them to their seat. As the sit through the meal onlookers stare at the gorgeous couple sitting staring into one another's eyes, enthralled and captivated by what each other have to say, a few people comment on the love between the pair, totally unaware that this was business. As the evening draws to a close the conversation flowing still, he thanks her for her company, once again she smiles and thanks him for an enjoyable evening and gives him a warm hug the kind that you would give an old friend, although in his eyes she could see he would have liked more she turned and walked to the side of the road and hailed a cab, she turned again and said goodnight just as the car pulled up to the side of the road, he waited on the sidewalk and looked on as the cab pulled away. As the cab drove along the highway she thought about what she should make for the kids dinner, she sifted through the envelope of cash perhaps tonight she would treat them to take out.

hookup Story