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Contacting an hookup

If you are looking to book hookups online then there are a few things you will need to know before you make that initial contact. Make sure you know all about the way the hookups agency or the independent hookups want you to book. They may want to be contacted via email or telephone or even both.

So, you now you know how you're supposed to book and you are just about to make contact, what do you ask for? What information do you need to let the hookups know etc? OK, first of all you need to decide whether you would like an 'in call' or an 'outcall'. An in call is where you visit the hookups home and an outcall is where the hookups come to you in either your home or hotel etc. Once you have decided which one you would like you then have to decide how long you would like with the hookups. Charges are usually per hour but each hookups agency or independent hookups have their own prices and timetable. So now all you have to do is decide when you would want to book the hookups for.

There are a few different payment methods that the hookups will take and you must tell the hookups before they turn up at your door.

1 Cash. Preferred payment method is obviously cash.
2 Cheques. Although it's not ideal some hookups will take payment by way of cheque providing you have a valid cheque guarantee card.
3 Credit Cards. A small amount of hookups can take credit cards and it is becoming more and more popular to pay by credit cards with the large hookup agencies.

Now, when contacting the hookups let them know what date and time you would like, if it's an agency which hookup you would like to book, then let them know how long you would like the hookup for, and whether you would like an in call or an outcall. If you would like an in call let them know where the hookup will need to go, if it is your home let them know the full address and telephone number, if it is a hotel let them know which hotel and which room number, Some hotels won't actually let hookups on the premises to come to your room some receptionists have a sixth sense when it comes to hookups walking through the door it would also be useful to let them know directions from reception to your room.

If you are contacting them via email leave your name and contact telephone number and they will get back to you with further details. Remember, treat your hookup with respect and be polite at all times, if you treat them well they are more likely to treat you well in return.