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hookups and the myths surrounding them

Have you been thinking about becoming an hookup? Do you know what an hookup really does? Have you been in the company of hookups There have been many attempts to portray what hookups actually do, they are seen by the media as seedy prostitutes. They have it so wrong Nearly all hookups are stereotyped by the television companies. When you watch a documentary on mainstream television you can guarantee that the whole programme is shot in the dark, in dark seedy hotels or cheap bedsits in dark alleyways or on street corners and there is always a red fluorescent light somewhere. What's all that about? Thats not what being an hookup is. The TV producer is always so predictable when it comes to filming hookups I bet they have a props of red fluorescents signs. Does the TV Producer think I know I will do a documentary about hookups and their day to day life and we will make it nice and seedy for the for the viewing public as all hookups lead a seedy life. Not really but if they were to do a programme depicting the life of an hookup a true fly on the wall documentary the ratings would crash and people would be bored to death. Being an hookup is not all about sex and hookups selling their body. To be an hookup in this day and age you need to have a bit about you a bit of class and sophistication the hookuping world has moved on. It's not all about big breasts hour glass figures and stunning looks as most clients now what to have an hookup for her charm, wit and her conversation skills. Diversity is the name of the game.

There was an article on the net a few months ago regarding female hookups; one of the hookups had written a blog on the website about her own life and her views on being an hookup. She classes herself as a mature hookup and clearly advertises her age. She stated that out of her last 10 clients that she visited only 3 had actually wanted sex and the other 7 were simply in need of some female companionship. She also said that she herself had struck up a relationship with one of her clients and is planning to marry him in the future apparently it's not unusual for hookups to fall in love with their clients and if you think about why isn't it. She has no plan to quit hookuping when she is married. There are two types of hookups those that do it for the money and those that do it to meet men.

If you still want to become an hookup make sure you have the right frame of mind for what the job entails. There will be a large amount of clients that will be paying you for sex you need to be prepared for this. The quickest and safest option to becoming an hookup would be to join an hookup agency preferably and established hookup agency where you will be looked after. Try and speak to the hookups there to get a feel for what you are letting yourself in for. Most hookup agencies have an established client base so there hookups can be safe in the knowledge the punter is a regular. Also the hookups are usually given a driver to take them to their appointment this driver also acts as there security should a problem occur.