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Male hookups - who needs them?

With women becoming more independent and getting high powered jobs leaving little time for socialising, never mind seeking out that Mr right, today more and more professional women are choosing to hire male hookups for work events, dinner dates or just some male company. Through out the UK more and more men are opting to use what god gave them stunning bodies, beautiful faces and brains to go out and get themselves a job where they get to wine and dine beautiful high powered women. The call of a Casanova lifestyle, who would complain about that? No one I am guessing! I know the women definitely aren’t. More and more male hookups are coming onto the hookup scene and they are stunning, you only have search through online hookup sites and agencies and trust me you will find a hunk. With profile pictures like the diet coke guy adverts where there is a well toned gorgeous stunner fixing the purposely broken elevator whilst the women look on, trust me no one needs to be a rocket scientist to know what’s going through their mind or yours. I have thought it every time I see the advert, ‘man why can I have a diet coke guy?’ well now you can, search male hookups online and there are pages of them, male hookups sporting a perfectly formed six pack that would make your mouth water, stunning faces with luscious lips that you can’t help but wonder what they feel like. These male hookups are models, they are your up to date Adonis that even Michelangelo would have used as muse to carve up a few marble statues. Male hookups offer at what I consider a reasonable amount of money for their time where they promise to make sure you feel like a princess for the evening, to be treated with respect, where they will wine and dine you and stimulate you with witty banter and intellectual conversation, okay where’s my credit card? By sifting through the photos of various male hookups trust me turning up in a suit and saying absolutely nothing for two hours would be pleasing enough all the rest just would seem like an added extra.

It’s not just women who are seeking out these hunky specimen of men there are men out there looking too, trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you are a homosexual man and for whatever reason are looking for a male hookup then these sites will make you salivate, with sections and sites covering a variety of homosexual male hookups, well dressed, well educated and stunningly beautiful to choose from there is no doubt you will find exactly what your heart desires. Most male hookup sites have a variety of men covering the whole spectrum of sexual types, whether you are looking for a straight, gay, bi or a couple you will find your perfect man. There is every type of man if you like them to be young, sporty, mature or muscled there are thousands to choose from. From reading their profile, which are intellectually written the charisma floats of the page and trust me with each one you read it makes the decision very hard as they all sound so great, you truly feel like a child in a sweet shop. These men are good at their job and pride themselves in making an everlasting impression on clients, to them it’s not all about the looks the personality is just as important to make your male hookup the perfect hookup, and these men prove that their not just a pretty face. With most of them holding degrees or high powered full time jobs themselves, they are definitely more than just a trinket that will hang off your arm. Captivating you and your friends should you choose to take them to work events or out on a date with charm, wit and of course intellectual conversation. If you chose to hire a male hookup I am sure you definitely won’t be looking for a refund more than likely be on the phone booking your next date with them. One thing I can see are these men are down to earth most people make assumptions about male hookups, they assume that the person who turns up will be fake, over the top and quite slimy which this pre conceived notion stops a lot of women seeking out a male hookup but frankly it is so far off the mark. Most male hookups are down to earth guys whom have decided to become hookups because they have the qualities that make them good at it for example being subtle, a good listener and most importantly knowing how to treat someone with respect. So if your one of those women out there that are apprehensive about hiring a male companion as you believe other people will instantly know and you feel intimidated by that then don’t, firstly male hookups will ask you what attire is expected for the date, secondly they also will talk with you previous to meeting up so if you do have any worries they will definitely put you at ease, they want to make your experience the best it can be and so will do their up most to make you as comfortable as possible. The advantages of hiring a male hookup is you know exactly what your getting there is no pre conceived notions you get all the excitement you would get on a normal date but none of the worries of trying to impress, you don’t walk away wondering if he is going call the next day or whether you will see him again, this is simply a date where you can sit back, relax and enjoy and if you want to see him again it’s your choice not his.